Custard Trifle

Holla guys,, Myself   SONALI CHAUHAN  ,As Im just a beginner,This Is My First BLOG POST, Thats Why Starting It With Something SWEET 😀


In This Scorching HEAT ,We all Love COOL DESERTS Right?? and wen it comes to Custard ,, We all ,In fact KIDS Enjoy’s CUSTARD the Most ,,, Thats’s why in the BEGINNING ,I Chose To Post a Recipe That Would Be Loved By All Of You :*


Here I Gave A TWIST To Regular Custard In A Creative Way 😀 Try It Out , Its Easy, Time Saving, Budget Friendly And Ofcourse TASTES YUMMM :p




  • Vanilla sponge cake crumbled. 1 cup (Parle G Cakes)
  •  Chocolate cake crumbled. 1 cup
  • Whipped cream 1/2 cup
  • Custard Pudding
  • Fruits As Per Choice (Seasonal)




In a wide glass arrange vanilla cake crumbles press it with spoon then add whipped cream freezed for 15 minutes,,

again arrange chocolate cake layer ,set for a while and pour thick custard pudding, garnish with fruits of your choice ,I used apples and Mangoes, Serve chilled after meal , Slurrppppp 😀


  • It Hardly Takes 15 MINUTES If Your Custard Is Already Refrigerated 

So Isnt That Just EASY?? 😀 Do Try At Home 😀 And Share Your Reviews


Thank You

Hapyy Summers 😀


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