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Durga Puja is not just a festival, But an emotion. It won’t be entirely an exaggeration to say that Bengalis world over spend a significant amount of their time planning and deciding what to do during the Durga Puja. Most of them wear multiple sets of clothes – mind you, there’s a morning outfit and an evening outfit, plus emergency backup outfits.
Durga Puja is actually, the celebration of ‘life’ and the joy of ‘living’ more than anything else. It’s like all the joys of this ‘city of joy’ is out on its very streets. Durga Puja becomes an expression of the city itself. It is almost that the city bursts into laughter during these few days.

Hence I’m sharing Some of the Bestest pandals of New Delhi Which also Reminds of City of Joy – KOLKATA
Grab a cup of coffee and sit back as this is going to be a treat to your eyes.


CR park aka Chittranjan Park also known as the Mini Bengal of Delhi has some spectacular Durga Puja pandals. CR Park has 37-year-old Puja samitis spread across 4 different blocks – B Block. K Block, Kali Mandir Society Puja and Mela Ground Puja.


Another Spellbound Pujo helds here with A theme that touches your soul. This year the theme was – NATARAJ.


The pandal is characterized by the rich blend of culture and tradition that a Bengali Puja has. The Pandal has a reputation of best pushpanjali and the very popular dhunuchi naach.


One of the most popular Hindu temples in Delhi dedicated to goddess Kali. This is a puja which is the most authentic and very close to Bengali culture.

So Witness the best of Pujo and shindoor khela here if you have not till now.

Here is a small video of The Dhakis performing the aarti

This Year I’m writing this blog as a part of #BloggersDurgaPuja all along with the talented beautiful bloggers, you can follow the bloggers for more stories and blogs.

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Vanesa care has a decade-long legacy in crafting international rich fragrances which complements the Indian climatic conditions and its high aspirational values by introduce our new range of fragrances, POUR HOME in an all new packaging.

The range includes French Fusion, French Flora & Lime Life to add an extra pinch of freshness, brightness and brilliance in your homes, surroundings and lives.

The French Flora is a blend of floral wreaths unified and compressed as an aroma booster with a rich and an English fragrance.

The Lime Life is as refreshing as the lemon and even some of it enough to brighten the whole aura of your living space.

The French Fusion is an amalgamation of French fragrances for negating and acts as a bad odor neutralizer for the environment.

All fragrances have the unique international aroma of freshness with a blend of ingredients from the nature along with their beneficial goodness. It is ideally designed for living spaces which is formulated with a powerful blend of fragrances from the natural creations.
This premium Room Freshener is just for Rs. 125 for 225ml and is available at all retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.

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Envy has introduced its new series of Deodorants which is to be seen before in the entire World. The newly launched Range, ENVY Smart has come up with an Auto-Pause Technology. This major advancement is also to be seen as a “Deodorant with a Brain” which has inviting modulations along with customer satisfaction for its value.
It has an inbuilt controlled spray mechanism which automatically controls the quantity of the spray while giving a refreshing and an admirable burst of fragrance for a longer stay. This concept has totally eliminated the wastage and gives a maximum of 1000 sprays which is never seen by any other player in the entire market.

ENVY Smart has three sole variants integrated with exceptional and an impressive fragrances to refresh the senses.

ENVY Burst

Its fresh top notes blended with exotic spices along with richness of geranium at heart with woody, musky base gives a complete aura to the one who wears it.


The extra ordinary juiciness of exotic fruits finely enveloped with richness of sage. A very long-lasting odour enriched with vanilla, musk and amber at base.

ENVY Explode

A sparkling fresh mandarin and bergamot at the top making intense freshness and radiance. It leads to a sensual profile which is poised with rich flowers and oak mass. The base is enriched with woody blends, musk and amber.

ENVY Smart is a premium perfume deodorant brand with a long-lasting effect at just Rs. 199 for 135 ml and is available on all E-commerce websites.

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I remember sitting at my office desk recently , looking wistfully out of the window at the sunshine. My mind was drifting to all the things I would do had I not been chained to that desk, so to speak. It dawned on me in that moment that I simply wasn’t happy in the corporate world anymore.

I allowed my imagination to jump ahead 5 years, and the thought of sitting at a similar desk with a similar view terrified me. That moment was a turning point in my life. There and then, I made my decision… I was getting outon a blind date with the world.

I Closed My eyes For 30 minutes and those 30 minutes Gave me The meaning of LIFE. How beautiful the world is, Each and every corner Makes us learn A new Thing and an enchanting experience. Every place tells a story that we can relate to. Each and every place has something to give us, A new friend, a new meaning, a new vision or a new beginning to overcome all your fears.
I may not have known how at that time, but I knew that the saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” had to apply.

I remembered about the time when my friend mentioned about her solo trip to BALI which was also one of my bucketlist.

With very less time, And with all the exciting information that my friend gave me about BALI thrilled me, And Gave me A push to book my tickets With Some pair of clothes and Explore BALI With Lesser known facts and knowledge.

I wasn’t worried about Money, My looks and Time, All I had were dreams in my eyes to Date BALI and Collect memories for lifetime.

I Landed In An Entirely New World

I don’t think I was fully prepared for the impact that Bali would have on me. It blew my mind on many levels. I was in awe of experiencing first hand the surreal beauty in other parts of the world.

Bali Welcomed Me With Open Arms

I felt very welcome, what with the locals’ endless smiles, the fertile green rice paddies, the majestic, ornate architecture, the pretty surrounding villages and the thriving arts and alternative scenes. This is the place I took up yoga and healthy eating. I had honestly never felt more alive.

I met location independent people from all corners of the earth, all with a similar goal: to fully embrace the benefits of this flexible and easy lifestyle while earning enough to support it, and then some. These people were very inspiring, and fortunately, they were more than happy to pass on their wisdom. I learnt about the different Cultural habits, Different language, Different lifestyle and Different Ideologies.

And the biggest thing that my blind date could give me was the Best Co working space. I found out about some of the best co-working spaces and cafes in the area, all of which were geared up for remote workers. I found that there were various comfortable spots with great internet connections. I got my peace of my mind back which i was struggling with Since long.

Suddenly after 30 minutes My door knocked and My Office boy was Standing with an evening tea,

when I opened my eyes, I realised I was in a fictional world. But that fictional world and dreams Turned my real life Much better.
It happened more or less straight away, but in those 30 minutes and afterwards, I was feeling relaxed, comfortable and secure.

I can’t tell you how excited i was when I opened my eyes back, I Found Myself Within a dream, I found my reasons to work, I used my skills To find a better job opportunity, An opportunity that gives me freedom to explore the world as well. There were so many other opportunities to explore too, and I had plenty of time to do so.

A little break is always Needed in our life to break the barriers and find our soul. Travel has always been the best Source to Unwind yourself from all kind of stress and worries.

My little Imagination and Dream Of going on a Blind date with BALI gave me wings to choose the path which gives me happiness, I hope someday soon i fly to bali and turn my dream into reality.

I’m submitting this blog post as an entry for #TheBlindList #SayYesToTheWorld by lufthansa and you can also watch more about the blind date with world in the video below.


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NAMYAA INTIMATE LIGHTENING SERUM- A Solution to your Dark Intimate Areas.

In this modern area, the rising awareness among youth about skin consciousness shall outcome into perfectly flawless and even tone skin from head to toe. The patchy and dark on your skin can often be very embarrassing and regretful thus, its prominence can be felt copiously.

Namyaa Skincare has introduced its new Intimate Lightening Serum as a natural treatment for dark intimate areas. This intimate lightening serum is safe and non-toxic for intimate areas and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals making it more desirable and befitting for its consumers.

It is made from natural, plant based ingredients like Deionized Water, Licorice Water, Mulberry Extract, Orchid Extract, Bearberry Extract, EDTA and Glycerin. It is specially formulated with no hydroquinone and helps treating your darker intimate areas, naturally.

This Lightening Serum arrives in a white spray bottle which is very inviting yet contenting.

This serum is absolutely safe for intimate areas, as they are made from natural plant based ingredients, no harsh chemicals are involved.
Wether you are looking for Lightening dark pigmented areas or flawless radiant skin, tighten up intimate areas, This serum goes hand in hand.
All you gotta do is, apply the serum twice a day and you will slowly see the results pouring in. You can use it Without any worries as it definitely brings back the Radiance and Gives you confidence as well🌹.
Namyaa Intimate Lightening Serum is a premium product that is very effective and looked-for at just Rs. 750 for 100 grams and is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals. For added convenience and best offers you can also visit https://namyaa.in/

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Flaunt Flawless Skin with – Astaberry’s Enthralling Rose Hair Remover

Astaberry Biosciences provides best-quality a complete range of skincare, hair care & personal care products along with organic cosmetics products to customer’s at most affordable prices. Their products are enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda, the age old Indian science based on active natural ingredients.

Astaberry Biosciences has introduced its new Hair Remover Crème with Carrot and Soya Extracts which is congruous for all skin types. This hair removal crème is in accord to those who crave glowing and healthy skin.

The Fascinating Rose Hair Remover Crème makes your skin softer while evading the unnecessary and unwanted hair from legs, hands, underarms and other parts of the body without any pain. The Carrot and Soya Extracts in the Hair Removal Crème makes it perfectly suitable for all skin types keeping the natural ingredients alive and aiding the product.

Tried this divine Hair removing cream from @astaberry.biosciences in enchanting rose 🥀🌹.

This gently removes unwanted hairs from legs, arms, underarms without any pain or harm to skin.
The divine fragrance of rose makes it more enchanting and enjoyable. The soy extracts fortifies the skin and this hair remover cream is for all skin types🌹
This is priced for Rs 75/-,

Before applying do take a small patch test.
If you are looking for something for glowing and softer skin, then do not miss out on the newly launched Hair Remover Crème by Astaberry Biosciences

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Dirt and pollution often cause our skin to become dull and lifeless

Deep cleansing of face is very essential And Charcoal is considered as one of the best cleanser.
I recently tried @oshea_herbals Activated Charcoal FaceWash
This face is specially designed with ingredients like activated charcoal, licorice extract and extract of Opuntia ficus which helps in to remove dirt from face, moisturize the skin and it cleanses deep inside pores and hydrates the skin.

Activated charcoal comes together with the goodness of tea tree oil to cleanse your skin from deep within while keeping it moisturized. This face wash gets rid of tiny pollution particles which can damage your skin causing hyper pigmentation giving you acne free clear skin. Moreover, it comes in an easy-to-use tube mechanism which prevents spilling of the liquid and is travel friendly.

Suitable for all skin types, use this face wash twice daily to see a marked difference.

The FaceWash is used just in little quantity for deep cleansing and you will get a very glowing skin. The face wash gives you a fresh feeling and a cooling effect as well. I Would rate it 4/5. You can give it a try by ordering it from amazon or any E-commerce website. Its absolutely economical and pocket friendly, Just for Rs 285/- so get yours right now.